Morty and Lee: The Couple Everybody Wants To Be #SwifferEffect

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, I’m sure you’ve seen (or at least heard about) the adorable new Swiffer commercial featuring Morty and Lee. In case you haven’t, Morty and Lee (both 90) have been married for 40+ years and have 6 children together. The best part, they are still so in love! However, just like most of us, they still have to worry about cleaning the house. And, for Lee (who does primarily all the cleaning) that poses a big challenge because of her age. That was, of course, until the couple was sent a #SwifferEffect package full of Swiffer products to help make life a little easier for Lee (and Morty, too!).

Absolutely adorable, right!? However, these are real problems that many of our seniors are facing. I remember when my late Grandmother once stood in a rocking chair to clean something that she couldn’t reach at 80 years old! It was a good laugh for everyone after the fact, but it was so dangerous and we dared her to ever do it again.

Morty and Lee SwifferI hope that one day Chris and I will be like Morty and Lee, still in love after all those years. One thing that I would almost bet on, though, is that I will be doing all of the cleaning from now until that point if we do. That is ok if it does end up like that because I have a certain way of cleaning and I don’t like it when someone else cleans for me. For example, when Chris helps out and tries to clean the bathrooms, I end up stepping in because he isn’t cleaning the toilet like I clean it. It’s a weird obsession and I am truly grateful for his help, but cleaning is one of those things that I like done my way. What seems to work best for us is I do all the cleaning and Chris keeps the kids occupied and out of my way.

So far, in our 6 years of being together, I’ve learned to not argue about small things (This was very hard for me because I am as stubborn as Chris.), talk about decisions regarding the kids together and that it is ok for us to go to bed angry, because things don’t seem as bad the next morning and I am way more level-headed. If anyone has any keys to a long and happy marriage, I would love to hear them!

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  1. I LOVE this commercial. It touches my heart because it reminds me of what my dad and step mom would be like if they were still alive. He was from Baltimore and she was from Brooklyn and they lived in West Palm Beach. And it makes me smile because I know they would have loved this commercial as well. And guess what? I am now a “senior citizen” myself and although I do not want to spend all my time cleaning my house I will certainly look into products that will make my life easier. I applaud Swiffer for this wonderful and classy commercial.

  2. It is so refreshing to see this adorable couple. I thought we baby boomers and older were forgotten or ignored.I LOVE Morty and Lee. They are a real kick. They aren’t concerned about their years but making the most of it. We all need to dance even when millions are watching. Good for you!

  3. Susan Waggoner says:

    I cannot believe I am so smitten with Morty and Lee I just googled to find out if they are really married. Can’t believe they are 90. This is what we all want to be when we grow up — 90, still with it, and still in love!

  4. When marketing has been catering to the young and those over 50, opinions/spending seems irrelevant , someone stands out and writes this commercial. I never tire watching this commercial while others I fast forward through. What a delightful couple. Thank you Swiffer for the enjoyment and recognizing age is just a number, all ages watch, all ages buy.

  5. How refreshing a commercial which makes one laugh, and join in on this precious couple who could be anyone’s parents.
    My own woud be the opposite, since Dad loved to clean and Mother at that point did her share and was more than happy to turn it over to Dad.
    Swifter you had me as a customer before, but more so now, that I actually look forward to seeing Lee and Morty Kaufman in their next commercial efforts. Whoever developed this commercial must have parents/grandparents to mirror their natural sense of humor.
    Take note, Swifter rules!!!!

  6. I, too, love these commercials. Lee and Morty are so dang cute; they remind me of my recently departed grandparents who today would be 91 and 90 had they lived. I can picture Grandma doing exactly what Lee does; Grandpa? Not so much, except for the commercial when Lee asks if he’s even listening to her. Hilarious!

    By the way, you asked for secrets to a happy marriage . . . well, I don’t claim to know any secrets, but after 33 years and lots of bumps and rocks along the way, we’ve discovered that making each other laugh is the best medicine for happiness. Make your partner laugh and you’ll live to see another year of marriage.

  7. I “LOVE” Morty & Lee. I wish I knew them personally. These have to be the best commercials ever. I hope to see them on some talk shows…Ellen, Katie, Steve Harvey, etc. I’d just love to see them up close. Keep the commercials coming, Swiffer!

  8. just love this old couple they should do t-shirts they would sell like crazy and i would wear one lol


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