Saturday started out as just a relaxing day at the house. We didn’t have much planned. Straighten up the house a bit, convert Princess P’s crib into a toddler bed and maybe head to the in-laws restaurant to grab a bit to eat. Just simple things.

After laying around until 1:00, we headed upstairs to convert Princess P’s crib into her “big girl” bed. Normally, this would be a big transition for both the parents and the child, but not for us. Princess P has slept in our bed since day one. So, I figured it would take sometime before she would sleep in her bed alone. Which in turn meant that I still had several more months of blissful cuddling ahead and the possibility of my baby in her own room wasn’t in the near future.
As soon as her bed was converted, she made a bee line for it and had no intention of moving. She even invited all of her baby dolls to try it out with her.

Finally, after bribing her with a cookie, we got her up and dressed to go visit her Papa at the restaurant. I had envisioned all of us sitting down to eat and catching up on the latest news. I was wrong. When we walked in, the restaurant was crazy busy and short staffed. So being the good daughter-in-law that I am (haha!) I jumped in and helped. As I was helping the servers make drinks, C came walking up with Princess P in his arms screaming. He looked at me and said “I think she is really hurt.” I took her into the backroom to see if I could calm her down while he filled me in on what happened.

To keep her entertained and out of the way, C was playing with her and picked her up by the arms (something I have done many times). Only this time instead of laughing, she started to cry. After several attempts to clam her down failed, he got worried and brought her back to me. I was also unsuccessful at calming her down and that’s when I knew that she was in serious pain.

About 30 minutes past and she was still whimpering whenever you tried to move her right arm. All she wanted to do was lay on my shoulder and not be bothered. That’s when we made the decision to take her to the Emergency Room. By this time C was super pale and feeling really bad for what had happen.

When we got into the ER, they took our information and asked what had happened. They got us into a room and the nurse came around to get Princess P’s temperature. Then she turned to C and told him not to feel bad because they see this all the time. Two hours and seven x-rays later, the doctor came to see us. He explained that he didn’t see anything on the x-rays and it was more than likely “Nursemaids Elbow” (or a dislocated elbow) and that they see it all the time (I think we were told that at least six times in three hours.) After explaining that it was not serious, he felt of her arm and said “there it goes”. C and I looked at each other and said “There what goes?” Apparently, when he was “feeling” of her elbow he was really putting it back in place. Literally, within minutes of him doing that, P was running around giving everyone high fives. It was like night and day difference.

Saturday was a big day for Princess P. She got her very own”big girl” bed and her first trip to the ER all in the same day.

But wait it gets better…

Last night as we were finishing up her bedtime routine, Princess P went and crawled in her bed. I thought she was just playing around and I honestly didn’t think she would fall asleep. Well, I was wrong once again. After turning out the lights and turning on her nightlight, she told me to come sit down beside her. I thought to myself that it would only be a few minutes and she would want to go get in our bed. So I sat down beside her bed and she laid down on the pillow and covered herself up. After some brief tossing and turning to get comfortable, she was asleep. Just like that.

After a small sob session because my baby wasn’t a baby anymore. I went and grabbed the camera to capture this monumental first.

*I wasn’t at all hoping that the flash would wake her up and she would want to go get in the bed with me.*

The last few days have been filled with big firsts for Princess P. Maybe tomorrow she will tell me she needs to go potty.

And for the record… yes, I did sleep in her room last night just in case she woke up and didn’t know where she was. And yes, I removed the baby and the blankets from around her face.


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