Denial, Complaints and Snow

I know I have been lacking in the personal post department lately, so I am blaming it on the rapidly approaching holidays. And since I can’t seem to sit down and focus on writing an actual post this is kind of going to be a hodgepodge mix of my random thoughts.

* I completely refuse to believe that this time next week we will be frantically assembling Princess P’s presents from Santa and filling her stocking full of goodies. It has gone way too fast! I miss being a kid when Christmas seemed to take forever to arrive.

* This year just doesn’t seem as cheerful as past years. I don’t know if it is the lack of money for buying presents (I love to GIVE gifts) or the fact that C has to work Christmas day, I am just not as jolly as I would like to be.

* I am blaming our mid-year move on the total lack-of Christmas cards filling our mailbox. Normally, my doorways are covered with cards from family, friends and people I tend to forget. But this year we are on 2 cards and counting. LAME

* The wonderful meteorologists are predicting a “mammoth winter storm” (their words exactly) to hit tomorrow afternoon. We are talking 16″+! This is the third weekend in a row. But next weekend, when everyone is hoping for a white Christmas, it will be 45-degrees. Guess our plans of heading to the mall for last minute shopping are not going to happen.

* I just noticed how my “random ramblings” post has turned out to be nothing but complaints. So, on the brighter side Frosty The Snowman comes on tomorrow night. I guess that is what we will be watching, granted we have electricity.

* The “Santa’s Little Helper Holiday Gift Guide” is wrapping up. Thoughts? Improvements for next year? Have you received your prizes yet? Please let me know!

* Our anniversary is next Wednesday! (Yes, we are the crazy couple that got married right before a big holiday. C wanted it that away so he would remember the date.) No big plans. Dinner probably, then maybe to the mall to finish up shopping that should have already been done.

* I love that Nick at Nite has like 5 back-to-back episodes of The Nanny on every night! Seriously, one of my most favorite shows ever. Now if they would only bring Home Improvement back!

Yeah, that is just a little piece of my chaotic, stressed, joyless brain right now! Happy Holidays!


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