Oh, dear

So as a lot of you may know, C has decided to get out of the military. Which means in a couple of months we will all be civilians again. Great! There goes our income and insurance. Not to mention that we have to sell our house! And that’s no easy task in this market. So I am reaching out to my loyal readers who maybe have just recently sold a house or heck, even had someone look at there home with interest. I need tips people! Because our “dream home” has been on the market for 6 weeks with absolutely…no…interest. We keep the yard landscaped and live in a nice subdivision. But no one is looking! What about renting it out? Anyone have any tips on that either? Panic is starting to set in…..



  1. I really wish I knew what to tell you, I dont know why you would have to sell your house… but I wish you the best!!

  2. We are selling our house so we can move back home and be closer to family and friends.

  3. That’s a tough one…One place to look…see if there is a spouse in the area who works with Military families….I know here we have one..and with new families PCSing in all the time..they are on the lookout…even if you rent…a lot of new military families are looking…I know there is a provision now for families in the military who move and may take a loss on their homes…but not sure if it applies to those who are getting out…but look into it….

  4. we put our downtown loft up for sale last spring before we moved to another city in another state. we had plenty of lookers, but no buyers. The fall came and we finally signed up with a property manager to rent it. then we had to wait another six months for a qualified renter. Paying two mortgages for that time was no fun. If we had to do it again, we probably would have got into a rental contract a lot sooner, instead of playing wait-to-see-if-it-sells. Good luck!

  5. awe, well…my house is on the market too. I have no advise, ours has only been on for 4 weeks and has had only 3 looks…so I guess it is just par for the course…hang in there!

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