Trendy Tadpole Review

Is it a bad thing when your baby daughter is more trendy than you are? If so, I need to hang my head in shame! Because Princess P is definitely trendy. And sometimes it can be very hard to find those oh-so-adorable clothes. So of course that meant I was super psyched to find the Trendy Tadpole! It is an adorable online shop that carries the cutest tees and onesies. The phrases and graphics one these little tees are the cutest. Just take the “King of The Playground” tee or the “Hug it Out” tee for example. Of course one of my favorites is the “P Is For Pony” tee that Princess P got the chance to review!

(It is not a great picture of the tee. But, when you are working with a 7 month old as your model, its hard to get “that perfect shot”.)
Another great thing about these tees is that they are super soft!
All Trendy Tadpole items are made in the USA. But the best thing is your purchases support charities that include the Humane Society and UNICEF! How great is that!?
If you would like to get your hands on a Trendy Tadpole tee, just check out their site. The good news is all tees and onesies are on sale right now for $11.95!! And you thought trendy meant expensive. But wait, it gets better. If you buy two tees, you get another one for free! That’s right. Your choice of tee for free! Go get to shopping my fashionista friend!


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