Fuzzi Bunz Giveaway

*This Giveaway is now closed.*

In case you didn’t know already cloth diapers are back! I know for some of you those are two very scary words. But before you run and hide hear me out. Fuzzi Bunz aren’t the cloth diapers our mothers and grandmothers used. That means no more pins!

Stay-at-home-mom, Tereson Dupuy, invented FuzziBunz in January 1999 in response to her infant son’s chronic diaper rash and her overall dissatisfaction with all available diapers. Tereson stitched the first FuzziBunz in her home and a short time later, the FuzziBunz diapering movement was born.

FuzziBunz diapers include three layers:
1) a waterproof outer barrier to keep wetness contained,
2) a soft microfleece inner layer that touches a baby’s skin and pulls away moisture, and
3) a unique, pocket-style opening that enables a parent to customize the absorbency using super absorbent micro-terrycloth pads.

The good thing about Fuzzi Bunz is that you will be able to use them for multiple children. They have super durable snap closures that have multiple placements so they grow as your baby grows. Fuzzi Bunz do not pill, fray or stain. And by using them you are doing something good for the environment. But the best thing has to be that they are great for your baby. Fuzzi Bunz keep your baby dry and comfortable virtually eliminating diaper rash. Plus, they come in a variety of patterns and colors!

You might think that the upfront cost of cloth diapers is just too much. But really its not when you think about it. A standard pack of disposable diapers is around $19.97. When you go through almost a pack a week that is $80 a month . Now multiply that by 12 months. Yeah, the price of cloth diapers is now where near what disposables cost. And if you plan to use them for more than one baby it is well worth the upfront cost.

One luck winner will receive 3 Fuzzi Bunz diapers in their choice of color and size!

To Enter: You must visit Fuzzi Bunz and choose what color and size you would love to win. Then come back here and tell us your choice.
Please, Please leave an email address! I have to have a way to contact the winner.

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Giveaway will end on February 8th at 11:59 pm ET. The winner will be chosen by Random.org and announced here as well as emailed. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me or a new winner will be chosen. Giveaway open to US residents only.

A big thank you to Fuzzi Bunz Direct for sponsoring this giveaway!



  1. I’d pick the Butter Fuzzibunz in medium. What a great product!

  2. I would choose the Zoo FuzziBunz in size small.

  3. I’m a follower of your blog.

  4. Your button is on my blog.
    ellybean (at) connected2christ.com

  5. I’m a subscriber.
    ellybean (at) connected2christ.com

  6. The jungle theme is what my daughter is using for her lil’ one. Thanks.


  7. Button on blog – abc order

  8. i like the blue Zoo FuzziBunz in medium

  9. I would love the baby blue in size Large

  10. I’d love the bubblegum in medium! My daughter wears all the same cloth diapers we used with her big brother, so it would be nice to have something girly!

  11. I would choose the Blue (navy blue) Fuzzibunz in Medium.


  12. I’m a subscriber.


  13. Butter FuzziBunz in medium con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. I like the Zoo FuzziBunz in small.


  15. I’d get the Periwinkle in small.
    offthespaceship at myway dot com

  16. entry 2
    I tweeted
    offthespaceship at myway dot com

  17. follower

  18. Oh yay! I love Fuzzi Bunz. I used them when my youngest was still in dipes. :)

    I would pick butter & green in smalls for my baby on the way.


  19. Did I mention I love FB?

    (following your blog now)

  20. I could really use these for when the new baby is in the church nursery. :)

    (following you on twitter now!)

  21. Ok, I like the sage color, too.

    (tweeted! http://twitter.com/terpsichore/statuses/1165372281)

  22. I would like to win the Pink Gingham,Zoo and Bubblegum FuzziBunz in size medium.

  23. I also entered the Little Chickie Wear contest.

  24. Pink Gingham in med.


  25. Yellow size large

  26. am a follower

  27. I would love the Aqua in medium.

    stormraven at gmail dot com

  28. I’d love baby blue in large for my son! Thanks for having this giveaway to spready the cloth diapering love!

  29. I subscribe

  30. I entered your sprout shell giveaway

  31. OH WOW!! I owuld want one train fuzzibunz, one zoo fuzzinbunz and one blue funzzibunz all in size M/L for my 30 lb 2 year old (and then his brother)

    eller at i love Jesus dot net

  32. I follow you

    eller at i love Jesus dot net

  33. Medium in all shades of blue!

  34. I love these. I am a big recycler. The aqua in medium is my favorite.

  35. I would pick the zoo fuzzibuns.

  36. It appears my color choices are very popular in size small, but I’d like Sage or Butter or White if they’re available. Otherwise Periwinkle, Baby Blue or Aqua. They’re all lovely!

  37. I would choose bubblegum size M


  38. twittered about the giveaway twitter name is shopannies


  39. twittered about the giveaway twitter name is shopannies


  40. I’d love the Zoo FuzziBunz in size Medium.

  41. I’m a Blogger follower.

  42. I entered the Sprout Shell giveaway.

  43. I would choose the Blue in Medium.
    member (dot) thao (at) gmail.com

  44. I subscribe via email.
    member (dot) thao (at) gmail.com

  45. blue

  46. subscriber

  47. I just blogged about it here http://apsychreviews.blogspot.com/2009/01/do-you-cloth.html

    Comment 1

  48. I like the sage color in size small.

    mylilaccottage (at) live (dot) com

  49. I have your button on my blog.

    mylilaccottage (at) live (dot) com

  50. I am subscribed to your feed.

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  52. i like the zoo design in small.

  53. Trains Small

  54. I would like the Zoo FuzziBunz in a size large.

  55. I am a subscriber.

  56. I put your button on my blog.

  57. I entered the natural elements giveaway.

  58. I <3 Fuzzi Bunz. I’ve been wanting to try a new style one. I would pick lavender in size small. crystaldcross[a]yahoo [.] com

  59. I like the baby blue in the small.

    charlies_secret_angel2006 at yahoo dot com

  60. I’m so excited about cloth diapering my second, due in March. I would choose xs in any color. I like the sage. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  61. I love Fuzzibunz! They’re the brand I reach for most often. I’d pick Zoo Fuzzibunz in Medium. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  62. I love fuzzi bunz and they are the only brand that works for my daughter! She would get rashes with others that I tried. I love the bubblegum pink in medium.

  63. I entered the little chickie wear giveaway too!

  64. I subscribed in a reader

  65. I am following you

  66. I am trying to follow on twitter but cant find you!

  67. I’m a subscriber.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  68. I I also entered the Earth Lust giveaway.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  69. I Follow you as Lee Allport!

    Lee :)
    leechrista @ gmail dot com

  70. Twittered @LeeChrista

    Entry 1

    Leechrista @ gmail dot com

  71. Twitter Entry 4
    leechrista @ gmail dot com

  72. Sorry I forgot to respond with the size in the first post I made so I deleted it and now I’m back. I woudl take a Butter, Green and Blue in size Medium for my Fuzzi Bunz. They are by far my favorite diapers!

    Lee :)
    leechrista @ gmail dot com

  73. I would love the Butter FuzziBunz in small

  74. I like the Zoo FuzziBunz.

  75. Sage, size medium. Thank you!

  76. I just signed up via Bloglines to follow your blog. Thanks!

  77. oops, I just tried to sign up on bloglines and the message was No Feeds available.

  78. Me again! I just posted on my blog about your giveaway: http://suzy-q-reviews.blogspot.com/2009/02/woot-fuzzi-bunz-giveaway.html

  79. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the sound of Fuzzi Bunz!

    I would like Turquoise, Sage, and Lavender in Medium. :)

    -Sarah G.


  80. Anonymous says:

    I signed up on your Natural Elements giveaway as well. :)

    -Sarah G.


  81. Anonymous says:

    I’m also following you on blogger.

    -Sarah G.


  82. I just subscribed to you on Bloglines too.

    -Sarah G.


  83. I would choose Orange, Pink Gingham and Turquoise all in size Large!

    bettinawellmaker at gmail dot com

  84. i would pick orange in large.
    i love fuzzi bunz

    elkesten at yahoo dot com

  85. I like the Zoo Fuzzi Buns in Small. Thanks!


  86. I would pick the orange in medium ~

  87. The Jungle Theme in Medium! Thanks so much.


  88. I like the all aboard print in small. Quite an improvement over normal cloth diapers.

  89. RED Medium. fun.mom.cheratgmaildotcom

  90. couldn’t live without the bubblegum in small!

  91. I’d love to win size mediums in white!

  92. Bubblegum in medium.

    ktgonyea at gmail.com

  93. I love the orange in blue in medium. I don’t currently cloth diaper, but want to transition. This would be great given that one obstacle is the cost…thanks! alison.heintz@gmail.com

  94. I would love to try these with my daughter. I’d choose Baby Pink in size medium.


  95. white, size XS


  96. I’d go with a nice, solid red.

  97. I like the aqua, size large

  98. I love the reds and blues in a size large


  99. I tweeted


  100. periwinkle in medium

  101. I would love size large in periwinkle! Thanks.

  102. Hi, I left a comment (several comments back) and said I actually couldn’t sign up on Bloglines. Maybe you fixed the problem, because now I’m signed up! Thanks!

  103. I would LOVE to try these! I’d love to stay neutral with white or butter in a size small!

  104. I’m following your blog!

  105. I’m a subscriber too!

  106. Gotta go with the turquoise or yellow in size large. Thanks!

  107. Follower

  108. I would choose Periwinkle, Lavendar, and Aqua in Medium. Thanks!

  109. I also went to enter the sprout shell giveaway!

  110. Apple Green, Turqoise, and Yellow in Medium

  111. I follow

  112. I love the apple green, aqua, and royal blue in size small.

  113. I did the Infant Bows contest too. Thanks.

  114. Anonymous says:

    I like the orange, red and royal blue in medium.

    apeak AT hotmail . com

  115. Anonymous says:

    I just subscribed to your emails.

    apeak AT hotmail . com

  116. Anonymous says:

    I also entered your sprout shell giveaway.

    apeak AT hotmail . com

  117. the bubblegum in medium.. love these!

  118. i tweeted
    Twitter ID: Dealectiblemom

  119. i tweeted
    Twitter ID: Dealectiblemom

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  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. I would pick the XS in orange, yellow, and apple green!

  123. I would pick the zoo fuzzibunns in small for my granddaughter who is due to make an arrival any day now.

  124. I would love the lime green in size medium! THANKS

    newmommyin08 {at} yahoo {dot} com

    Check out my Fuzzi Bunz giveaway too!

  125. My pick is the orange in size Large.

  126. Entered to win from Little Chickie Wear.

  127. Oooh Medium Sage. Oh I really want to try these diapers so badly!


  128. Royal blue in Large is my pick. Thanks for the giveaway.

  129. I entered the Little Chickie Wear contest


  130. I entered the Sprout Shell contest


  131. I entered the Little Chickie Wear Giveaway.

  132. I entered the Sprout Shell Giveaway.

  133. I entered to win the InfantBows Giveaway.

  134. I love the bubblegum in small! I would love to try these diapers.

  135. I would pick sage in medium.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  136. I entered the Little Chickie wear giveaway.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  137. I entered the Sprout Shell giveaway.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  138. I would get size large in orange, aqua and apple green (if we got to choose 3 different colors!)
    momabr at yahoo dot com
    Why did the fuzzibunz site close?

  139. Orange, size medium. Thanks!

  140. I would choose Medium- Baby Blue

  141. I would like the bubblegum in medium!

  142. I like the plain Sage (in Medium) that way I can pass them along to another little boy OR girl!

  143. I have a single Fuzzibunz old style diaper, and I adore it! I’m getting ready to have another baby, and I’d love to win more! My 3 favorites are Bubblegum, Turquoise, and Red.


  144. Orange in size large would be great for us. Thanks!

  145. I entered the Sprout Shell giveaway. Thanks~

  146. I love the Baby pink in Medium!

  147. Hmmm, FuzziBunz Direct is saying it’s closed for me. I went to the main FuzziBunz site and I’d choose the Apple Green FuzziBunz in size small.

  148. I entered the Little Chickie Wear giveaway.

  149. I would love the Bubblegum in a size Large!

  150. I have your button on my blog.

  151. I’m a subscriber.

  152. baby pink in med


  153. entered sprout shell


  154. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway. My daughter would need a size medium in the Butter color.
    spagsrags1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  155. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway. My daughter would need a size medium in the butter color.
    spagsrags1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  156. Anonymous says:

    I entered the Infant Bows contest.
    spagsrags1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  157. How neat! We decided on cloth diapers when we found out a baby was on the way. I would choose the Butter color in a small.


  158. I’m following your blog!. add extra entry please.

  159. I am subscribed to your feed as

  160. My favorite is periwinkle.


  161. I’d love these for my new nephew!! Butter, Blue and green size M

  162. Im a follower!

  163. I’d love to try these! I’d pick size small (for a new baby, hopefully!) in butter, white, and sage. If I knew it would be a boy I’d totally get the zoo and under the sea ones!
    Oh, and the direct sale site that you linked to is no longer working. :)

  164. Sage in small. I would love to try these.


  165. I love the new Under The Sea print!! extra large.

    websurfergirl19 AT hotmail DOT com

  166. I have your button on my sidebar!
    websurfergirl19 AT hotmail DOT com

  167. I am a follower on both twitter – finamoon and blogger
    websurfergirl19 AT hotmail DOT com

  168. I am a subscriber.
    websurfergirl19 AT hotmail DOT com

  169. I twittered…

    websurfergirl19 AT hotmail DOT com

  170. I twittered…

    websurfergirl19 AT hotmail DOT com

  171. Definitely need larges {for my little chunkers} in Bubblegum pink :D We use cloth diapers and I can’t imagine using disposables everyday! And I just think she’s cuter with a cloth booty ;)

  172. I entered your tiny tag and sprout shell giveaways

  173. Entry #5 for tweeting:

    Thank you so much :)

  174. Oooh, the size small in red. I love red!

  175. I’d go with plain old white in size medium…great giveaway!!! laura_smile(at)hotmail(dot)com

  176. I love Fuzzi Bunz and I would probably pick the orange in medium. =) Thanks.
    mommainflipflops AT gmail.com

  177. I entered your Infant Bows giveaway.


  178. I would love the periwinkle and the sage in smal!!

  179. Oh, I love fuzzibunz. We use mostly prefolds on my newborn daughter, but do have two XS fuzzibunz. They are great! I’d love a few smalls in butter for when she outgrows them!

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  180. I really like the zoo funzibunz in size lrg. Thanks, Godesseablu@msn.com

  181. Lavender Daisies in a M! Thanks

    e-mail: hmahan_0529@yahoo.com

  182. i cloth diapered both my kids! i am definitely in need of a few new diapers! Would love to try Fuzzi bunz in the lavender in a size large! Geat giveaway!

  183. i also entered the Teaposy Giveaway!

  184. I’d do periwinkle in medium for my little man.

    ldbollen at yahoo dot com

  185. I blogged it entry 5 http://andadelinetoo.blogspot.com

  186. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got your RSS feed.

    ldbollen at yahoo dot com

  187. I’m following you on twitter


  188. I follow your blog

  189. I subscribe to your feed

  190. I like the Zoo
    Fuzzi Bunz in small.

  191. Orange, yellow and green in size medium. I love FuzziBunz!

  192. I would love the sage in small or medium! Thank you for the contest.

    wakeupboo at gmail dot com

  193. I would love the medium royal blue Fuzzibunz


  194. green in size medium

  195. I’d love the orange, turquoise and or apple green in a medium. This would be so awesome!


  196. I’m expecting and have decided to go cloth with this baby. I’d love the One Size in butter, sage and aqua. Thanks!

  197. I would love the medium in red! We’re Georgia Bulldog fans!! Thanks!

  198. following your blog as klp1965@myfairpoint.net kathy pease

  199. turquoise in medium or bubbleegum in large. ylevardi at hotmail dot com

  200. I blogged about this at: http://loopyvon.livejournal.com/26299.html
    Thanks! ylevardi at hotmail dot com

  201. Following you on twitter AND gave a tweet: http://twitter.com/loopyvon
    ylevardi at hotmail dot com

  202. So cool, I would like daisy red, daisy green, and blue.
    The perfect size diapers look great, I love that they are adjustable.

    threadbeaur [at] yahoo dot com

  203. I am following you on twitter.

  204. My favorite colors are the red, sage, and butter. Probably a size Medium

  205. The Tourquouis Fuzzi Bunz in size Medium would be perfect for my sweet’um! : )))

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  206. I also subscribe! : )))


  207. TWEET #2! : )))



  208. I would love to have one-size (or medium, if one-size isn’t an option) red, sage, and blue daisies. Thanks so much for the giveaway!



  209. I like the Sage in small!

  210. I’m a follower!

  211. This is an great giveaway, that will keep on giving. The baby blue in size small would be perfect Thanks.

  212. I like the sage Fuzzi Bunz, small.

  213. I follow.

  214. The small White Fuzzi Bunz is my favorite!

  215. I would love the white in medium. familyfirst76 (at)hotmail (dot)com


  216. I subscribe to your blog! familyfirst76 (at)hotmail (dot)com


  217. Size Small – Sage please.

  218. I like the Sage…..Large

    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

  219. Daisies Green is my pick – it’s so cute and so colorful!

    Thanks for this great giveaway!
    callmeabookworm at gmail dot com

  220. Following your blog! Thanks again.

  221. I wish I didn’t have to choose just one color. i would chose Navy Blue in medium

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